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Vancouver to Saskatoon

Vancouver 100 hours service, Warren Mappen was a great help with his knowledge and angagement


Nicolas had to quit at Vancouver and to return to Sydney for his work. He was a great partner
and we enjoyed the trip together immensely.
Thanks Nicolas, you had a great idea and an excellent performance.


During this trip we experimented with continuos position, speed and direction reporting.
Each two minutes a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) with a VHF Transceiver reported the data from a tiny GPS to ground stations. Maybe the scarse number of ground stations in the coming legs of the travel will require to consider HF Pactor transmission via Airlink/Winlink of the ham radio operators (HB9QS our station and operator is part of that technically fascinating world).

In Vancouver Heinz Allenspach from Lichtenstein joined in for the remainder of the trip.

A last glimps in the beautiful area of Vancouver heading for the Mountains to cross

Some impressions crossing the mountain ridge

A stiff tailwind resulted in a groundspeed to 235 Kts (435 Km/h) shortly before we started the descent from 17'000 feet ASL (ca. 5200m) seen here on the satellite navigation system.

Impressions from Calgary

Interesting structures in the otherwise mighty flat area between Calgary and Saskatoon

Approaching Saskatoon


Saskatoon a view of the landscape