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Sydney to Darwin

Finally one week after the scheduled departure we where off. We left  Sydney early Tuesday morning direction Mt Isa and Darwin.

After 10 hours flight today I´ll keep the text short and let the pictures talk.

Swissness in Mt. Isa

The Blue Mountains in expected early morning fog.

The Wolgan Valley half an hour west of Sydney. I went there  with Nick Turner for a spin
in the aircraft some weeks ago. The weather was lousy, lots of turbulence, ten seconds after
take off Nick took the controls for 2:39 until 5 minutes prior to landing. He did an amazing job.

The power stations of Lithgow.
Mars? No Australia! Amazing Colors everywhere.
Siberia? No Australia! Amazing structures on ground and in sky.

4 hours inland, still clouds.
Stephan is checking our position.
Closing into Mt. Isa after 6 hours, the topography showed  some emotion.


Mt. Isa Population: 24000, Empoyer 1.


Sydney in unexpected early morning fog.

Nightflight! With some lights inside and outside.After 6 months the endeavor continues.