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Saskatoon to Churchil

Shortly after take off in Saskatoon, a glimps at the endless flat countryside


Sparse villages, railrod, street and endless flats (for Swiss taste)

Prince Albert with airport

Then after hours of lakes, woods, swamps and a village with an inviting airfield

Plenty of water on ground and enough in the air

Churchil, a wale watching podium

Sunday, a family excursion, the little lad has fun

Introduction to a wale watching boat tour,
the guide explains the cervical spine of Beluga Whales

Indian paint brush


Fire wheed

Arnika ?

We were glad to be in the boad (picture taken without telelens)

A family of Belugas (the youngsters are brownish, the elderly white),
not the real big ones and no big air jumps still impressive also by their number

Here the Polar Bear was afraid

The polar bear tried to swim towards the village fended off by the boat


Among belugas a lonely seal