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Juneau to Vancouver

When leaving Juneau the ceiling was at 350-ft sitting on the
surrounding mountains. The forecast we got from the very friendly and
Flight Service Station prepared us well for the weather we
encountered en-route. Soon after liftoff we entered IMC conditions.
With a double backup from three GPS systems we were well prepared.
Navigation was supported on the computer with the Jeppesen Flight
Deck. We could see on the approach plate where we were. Approaching
the Canadian border weather was improving and we had a very enjoyable
flight over a marvelous landscape.


After five hours of flight, the glaciers would not go all the way
down to the sea level. The fjords give a norwegian impression.

Downtown Vancouver.

Suburban Vancouver.

Logs downstream.

Planes up the taxiway.

Yes we made it! What a unique, marvelous experience. A once in a live
time happening, either of us will ever forget again. Too bad it was
limited to three fourths of the trip.

In Vancouver we had to find a parking space to stay overnight. Avitat
delivered a great service. The next day we had the plane taken to
have the 100h service.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro, just half of it to be precise. There were more
of these alterations around. Great ideas for a tow truck.

Vancouver woods!