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The pictures

The pictures will be added as they are taken during the voyage.

Juli. 23.

Zürich to Bad Ragaz

Juli. 23.

Southend to Zürich

Juli. 22.

Edinburgh to Glasgow and Southend

Juli. 21.

Reykjavik to Edinburgh

Juli. 20.


Juli. 19.

Sondre Stromfjord to Kulusuk

Juli. 18.

Churchil to Sondre Stromfjord

Juli. 17.

Saskatoon to Churchil

Juli. 15.

Vancouver to Saskatoon

Juli. 8.

Juneau to Vancouver

Juli. 7.

Homer to Juneau

Juli. 6.

Nome to Homer

Juli. 5.

Petropavlovsk to Nome

Juli. 4.


Juli. 2.-3.

Hakodate to Asahikawa

Juli. 1.

Nagoya to Hakodate

Juni. 27.-30

Nagoya Tokyo Kanasawa

Juni. 26.

Okinava to Nagoya

Juni. 26.

Hongkong to Okinava

Juni. 23.-25.

Manila to Hongkong

Juni. 20.-22.

Brunei to Manila

Juni. 19.

Sydney to Darwin

Nov. 3.


Nov. 1.

From Alice Springs to Windorah and Windorah

Oct. 31.

From Darwin to Alice Springs

Oct. 30.

From Bali to Darwin

Oct. 29.

From Jakarta to Bali

Oct. 27.

From Singapore to Jakarta and Jakarta

Oct. 25.

From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Oct. 22.-24.

From Pattaya to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur

Oct. 19.-22.

From Siam Reap to Pattaya and Pattaya

Oct. 17.-18.

From Rayong to Siam Reap and Siam Reap

Oct. 16.

From Chiang Mai to Rayong

Oct. 15.

From Bagan to Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai

Oct. 12.-13.

From Kolkata to Bagan and Bagan

Oct. 11.

From Kathmandu to Kolkata and Kolkata

Oct. 10.

From Dehli to Kathmandu and Kathmandu

Oct. 9.

Agra and the Taj Mahal

Oct. 5.-8.

From Ahmedabad to Jaipur/Dehli and Dehli

Oct. 3.-4.

From Zahedan to Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad

Oct. 2.

From Esfahan to Zahedan and Zahedan

Sep. 30.-Oct. 2.

From Taebriz to Esfahan and Esfahan

Sep. 28.-29.

From Istambul to Taebriz and Taebriz

Sep. 27.

From Zurich to Istambul and Istambul