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Homer - Juneau

Having one of the most beautiful coasts on earth in front of us the
weather did not allow a VFR flight to Juneau. We had to climb on top
of the clouds and take our route guided by radio signals. Even our
attempt to get a VFR departure and to join IFR later was declined by
the controller. We were very disappointed. But soon after we were on
top of the clouds the weather was improving. We could see some of the
wonderful glaciers underneath.

The mountains were sitting in the clouds. It was like in a fairy
tale. We were waiting for the elphs and the yetis to appear.

The glaciers in Alaska descent to sea level.

As the glaciers in Alaska are pulling back, they leave lakes in front
of them. When they calve, icebergs are set free on the lakes.

Fishing is the main sport in Alaska, guess why.

The glaciers seem to live. Everyone is very different. We were amazed
that this could even be felt flying at 5000 feet.

Juneau lies on a fiord some 50 miles from the coastline. Thanks to
GPS we had no trouble to find it. Without we would have had some
discussions which fiord is the right one.

Once again rainbows were following us. Flying in difficult weather
conditions is very demanding, but sometimes rewarding with surprising
beautiful events.

When taxiing into parking position in Juneau we were approached by
T.S. form Coastal Fuels. He asked whether we would need any
assistance, fuel or a tiedown. For all three and more Coastal Fuel in
Juneau are the specialists. Thanks to all of you!

Due to weather we had to stay one more day in Juneau. We took the
opportunity to enhance our low level flying skills. Just kidding, we
rented a car and had a look at the local glacier.

Alaska is the place to fly. Although the weather can be nasty, most
of the time as we understand, the topography is ideal for flying.

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