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Churchil to Sondre Stromfjord

Churchil before take off to the long trip over water, anti exposure suits and personal life rafts in place


Some of the cabling for the additional electronics used for navigation and ham radio operation


Early morning take off


Ice in the Hudson Bay


Many hours of flying at 19'000 feet over a solid overcast


The crew at work, not too much space left






The weather clearing up, last views of the American continent near
Frobisher Bay with a mountain range of about 9000 feet


First glance at Greenland, the mascot of the Tsutsumis joins in enjoyment of seeing terra firma


The fjords leading to the airport of Sondre Stromfjord


Rough winds but good spirit


View from the hotel room at 22:00 in Sondre Stromfjord, the brave Mooney recovers from the long trip


Boarding with this device would have been kind of difficult