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Zurich to Istambul

Sep. 27, 2005 - Happy landing in Istambul
After a flight of 6:46 we arrived in Istanbul. We where cordially received by our Ground Handling Agents.

Sep. 19, 2005 - Welcome in Zurich with 6 fire trucks
September 16th we performed a testflight with full baggage and fuel load. Takeoff and initial climb were great. When climbing through 14'000 ft MSL the manifold pressure of the engine had decreased to 28" instead of 35" climb power with full throttle. We asked Zurich airport for a landing "without priority" because the engine would still put out enough power. The air traffic control was very helpful. They decided to give us a a special welcome with 6 Fire trucks, which were brand new. The mechanic found a broken ring, which did no more hold the admission tubing tight. Better now than later !

HB-DGL at Bad Ragaz
HB-DGL at Bad Ragaz, the home port in the mountains

Walensee, Switzerland
The Walensee, Switzerland an important landmark when flying towards Bad Ragaz the home port of HB-DGL. The route turns right towards Bad Ragaz at the far end of the lake.