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Sydney !!

Nov. 3, 2005 - Sydney
We really did it. We arrived in Sydney. Some landmarks did not leave any doubt, that we are at the end of our journey to Australia.

Nov. 3, 2005 - Sydney
Stephan and Nicolas
Although both pilots have a grin in their face, we are sad that this wonderful time has come to an end. As you know we still ow you a lot of pictures. For you the journey remains yet unfinished. During the next week we will gradually fill the gap between Kuala Lumpur and Sydney with a lot of impressions worth-wile seeing. We are looking forward to all your guestbook entries and comments. There will be a giveaway for the 10'000th visitor of our website. And some other additional features we will ad. Thank you all for your support so far, we could not have made it without your help.