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Soender Stromfjord to Kulusuk Greenland

Shortly after takeoff in Soender Stromfjord approaching the mountain ridge of Greenland


Over the icecap of Greenland, deep blue glacier lakes


East end of the icecap of Greenland, descending to Kulusuk


Fascinating views of the clear water with ice


Last mountain ridges to cross on the way to Kulusuk


Unbelievable landscape of eastern Greenland


Far in the background the airfield of Kulusuklocated at the Ammassalik-Fjord.
The inhabitants, Ammassalik-Inuit are mainly fishermen


Downwind to Kulusuk, a gravel airfield


Baseleg for Kulusuk


Final approach to Kulusuk


The mountains north of Kulusuk divide the intense blue of the sky
and the one of the water both ice capped in the middle of summer.


Crystal clear water “on the rocks” would be quite refreshing should the airplane intend to swim.