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The next flight will be the proof of concept. We had to fly 2290 nm /
4241 km until the next refueling point. Although Stephan and Flight
Service International tried 6 months to receive avgas in
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky there was no chance to get any fuel there.
Jets fly with kerosene, a propellant we cannot use. For that reason
we had to fly from Asaikawa in Japan to Nome in Alaska without
refueling. Not only this made that part of the journey quite
interesting. Extreme weather and long stretches over cold water where
additional adhere circumstances. Stephan takes a close look to the
refueling, making sure there is no more air in the tanks.

For this leg we are wearing the complete survival equipment: anti
exposure suite and personal life raft form www.switlik.com. Once
sitting in the cockpit we could hardly move due to lack of space.

For a long time we were flying between two layers of clouds. Cruising
at 15'000 feet we had no ground sight.

Just before leaving our cruising altitude we could see the first
volcano. In the area of Petropavlovsk there are 68 active volcanos.

The Kamchatsky Peninsula I

The Kamchatsky Peninsula II

The welcoming party. The service was great. As we didn't have a visum
for Russia we had to stay in the crew hotel.

Can you see the little Mooney surrounded by the big planes?