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Okinava to Nagoya

Flying along the southern islands of Japan, the sea has a wonderful blue color. It merges with the sea, and you understand why it is the blue planet.

In Japan, tsunamis are known for centuries. That is why coastal towns
and their harbors are protected by walls. You can see them clearly on this picture.

Harvesting the sea is a long tradition in Japan.

Japans coastline is full of fiords, bays and natural harbors. It is
wonderful to fly over such a diverse landscape.

June is the raining season in Japan. We were so far lucky not to have
to much rain, the high humidity in the air has a strong effect on the
quality of the pictures. The sharpness gets lost and the pictures
seem to be quite blurry.

Nagoya, one of the industrial cities in Aichi province.

No idea
The dome from the professional baseball team Chunichi Dragons.
thanks for the information to Nobuo Fuji San

The Sinkansen
The Sinkansen, looks like a Shimpansen.

Japanese house decorations.

shopping mal
Inside of a shopping mall, like on an other planet.

little cars
Funny little cars drive around. The look very functional.

Nagoya Shinkansen station, tradition meets modern pace.

Dinner in Kyoto with Riekka and Sadami Tsutsumi. It was a feast for
the eyes and the stomach. We where lucky the restaurant was in the
train-station in Kyoto and our hotel in the train-station in Nagoya.
We were hardly able to move after all these japanese specialties.

When riding the Shinkansen speed is the issue.