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Nome to Homer

Taking off from Nome we had new survival equipment on board, Stephan got himself a self floating Nome home-boy hat, Nicolas found that killing look for the camera.

We left Nome at the 86 degree to fly to Homer, without any sun at

The landscape was playing tricks on us. Some amazing rivers we tried
to follow.

Water is the dominating element in Alaska.

Carving and shaping the surface.

Still volcanos. Coming from Europe Volcanos are no topic. Since we
entered Indonesia, Volcanos are a predominant form of mountains.

In Homer we met Robert a ham radio friend of Stephan. He showed us
all the special places in Homer. Thank you for all your time Robert.

Our little Mooney felt quite well in Homer. Lot's of friends to
exchange stories. In Homer we also met Nancy from Homer Air Service,
she is a pilot from Geneva and learned her pilot skills in Sion. The
same airfield where Stephan learned with Herman Geiger 50 years ago.

A De Havilland Otter taking off from a lake parallel to the airstrip
in Homer. Homer is famous for the Bald Headed Eagle, an amazing bird.
Coming from Switzerland we thought Eagles are only seen in TV and
some Zoos. But here in Homer you can see plenty of these wonderful birds.

Alaska like everybody pictures it.

Some left overs from the Alaskan Highway Project.

Clive Hildering, we had no idea you already set up a business in
Alaska, no wonder.

Park and Ride, the Alaskan way.