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We have been warned! This time of the year is the wet season in
Japan. Although we had some days with sunshine, as we took of from
Nagoya towards Hakodate at 3000 feet we entered the clouds. We were
lucky and soon the clouds would open and we were flying between
different layers. The clouds were floating in the sky like milk in a
cup of tea. The sky was structured and filled with borders, gates and
reference points. Suddenly one is aware of the speed you travel
through the air.

We continued all along the Japanese Islands up north. The clouds did
not allow a glimpse on the Mount Fuji. What was very unfortunate.

Approaching Hakodate on Hokkaido, another beautiful island. Hokkaido
is full of flowers. We had the impression that people are different
from the main islands. During our 24h stay in Hakodate it was raining

Final approach into Hakodate International Airport. Strange things
happen flying with small general aviation planes in Japan. There are
only a few international airports available. The information you get
is sometimes quite misleading. In Nagoya we were informed that
Hakodate is a very busy airport therefor our arrival in Hakodate has
to be on schedule. When we landed there was no additional traffic in
the air. We had to land in Hakodate because we were informed about a
lack of parking space in Asahikawa, our last stop in Japan.

Hakodate left a very Scandinavian impression.

The port of Hakodate has been transformed into a centre for tourists.

Our cook for dinner. Behind him you can see the menu.

Stephan takes a close look at the breakfast: rice, miso soup and cold

We did not receive the permission to fly into Russia for the
following day. We had to stay one more day in Japan. Hakodate
International Airport informed us that we had to leave to Asahikawa
as there is not enough parking space in Hakodate, what you can
clearly see on this picture. We were happy about that as we wanted to
fly to Asahikawa in any case and the weather was supposed to be
better. And suddenly there was enough parking space in Asahikawa.