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1. Nagoya

In Nagoya we were meeting Prof. Niva. After the professional
talks Prof. Niva showed us Nagoya. Thank you very much for this tour.


At the Buddhist shrine we tempted the luck. Stephan got this
prediction. Oh yes it is very good.


For predictions that are not so good, this is the right way to
give them back.


Nagoya Castle.

Wet season.


Swiss attack on Astro Boy.


Domo arigato gozaimashita Nobuo Fuji San for all your help and
friendship you gave us in Japan.

2. Tokyo

Besides the professional appointments we met Mat Yamage, a
scientist who worked in 1984 in Davos.


Mat brought us a letter and gifts from the Mayor of Ueda. Here
is the translation:

Dear Prof. Stephan Perren and Nicolas Perren,

We are very much pleased to hear that you touched down in Japan
during your round-the-world voyage on a small airplane from your
hometown Davos, Switzerland. As the mayor of the city of Ueda, I
would like to send a message.
       Ever since the first round-the-world voyage was achieved by a
Spanish sailor Ferdinand Magellan in 1522, his passion and dream have
been fascinating the human race even 484 years later. I respectfully
celebrate your great achievement.
       In March this year, the new city of Ueda was born by amalgamating
the neighboring towns including Sanada, a sister city to Davos.
Coincidentally, it is exactly thirty years after the friendship was
created between Davos and Sanada. It makes me feel that the thirtieth
anniversary of this friendship was landmarked by your awakening visit
from the sky.
       The City of Ueda has succeeded this friendship between Davos and
Sanada. I hereby cordially wish the personnel exchanges between the
two cities be expanded from now on. It would be a great pleasure if
you could have a chance to visit our city when you visit Japan next
time. Your visit will be highly welcome. It is also my sincere wish
to visit Davos to see you someday.
I wish you a safe journey during the rest of your itinerary and good
health, success, and the further prosperity of the city of Davos.
       In commemoration of your visit to Japan, please accept the pen
trays, which are the traditional Folk-art articles of the Ueda region.

                               June 23rd, 2006

Soich Motai, Mayor of the Ueda City
1-11-16 Ote, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture
386-8601 Japan

A typical subway traveller. During my 2 hours in the Tokyo
trains and subway, I had the opportunity to watch a lot of them.


The Hermes flagshipstore in Ginza.


Modern building masses.



Nissan flagshipstore.



More modern building masses.



Riding the Bullet Train trough the night.

3. Kanasawa


Prof. Tomita and wife with a piece of Zermatt. This stone was
lying on our house in Zermatt until Alice gave it as a gift to Prof.
Tomita at his visit. We almost got homesick when we saw this typical
piece of our homeland.


The Garden of Kanasawa is supposed to be one of the finest in
Japan. I am completely persuaded that it is the finest I have ever
seen. It is a place of tranquility and peace.


We ate at a Teahouse in the Garden with Prof. Tomita, his wife
and Nobuo Fuji and his collaborator. We were treated like kings.
Thank you family Tomita for all your courtesy you made our stay in
Kanasawa a wonderful experience.


It was a pity to destroy it but yes I ate it.


Japanese Swiss fotoshooting. All to the left is Nobuo Fuji from
Synthes Ltd. He organised our stay in Japan absolutely formidable.
Thanks Nobuo, we are looking forward to see you soon again.


The picture that was produced by one of the cameras you saw before.