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Hakodate - Asahikawa

We left Hakodate at 1400 local time. Our flight to Asahikawa took us
1,5 hours. Ten minutes after take off the rain ceased. Twenty minutes
after t/o we were flying into clear sky. When we arrived in Asahikawa
the sun was shining and our spirits were high.

Maneki Neko is the name of this cat. Riekka and Sadami Tsutsumi gave
us this talisman. The cat is attracting money and luck. Thanks for
that it works so far!

Sapporo, not only famous for it's great beer, but also the capital of
the Hokkaido Prefecture and host of the Olympic Winter Games of 1972
when  Roland Colombin, a star of my youth, was second and Bernhard
Russi won the downhill race.

In Hakodate we received a good catering for our flight.

Airport of Asahikawa without any parking spaces for our small
airplane! Here a catch 22 was waiting for us. The airport would open
at 8 am, the custom officers arrive at 10:30 am, to fly to
Petropavlovsk it takes 6 hours. due to time shift we would arrive at
19:30, but the airport closes for maintenance at 18:00 local. There
was no way we would make it in time. After some telephone calls, it
was finally possible for us to take of at 8 am.

The Ground handling party in Asahikawa.

That night we had to get some pasta. We found a small Italian
restaurant with delicious spaghetti. Here you can see me standing wit
the owner, manager and cook in front of the restaurant.


Utilitarian style.

Asahikawa impression I.

We took the chance of the delay to have a look at Asahikawa. This is
Ice Room in the Snow Crystal Museum. In the middle of summer you can
see real ice. Wonderful!

Asahikawa impression II.