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Manila to Hongkong

We left Brunei for the ancient Kingdom of Saba, today the city Kota 
Kinambalu in Malaysia. Still on the island of Borneo we had to land 
there to refuel.

rigt after dawn
Right after dawn we took off. Over the islands northbound. This leg
will take us to the north-most part of the philippine islands. Then
4 hours over the South China Sea to Hong Kong.


amazing town structures
Amazing town structures developed along this river. Everything
around is water.


more water
More water.


Stephan pretends to be sleeping. He'd never let go on the control.


oil rigs
Oil rigs of the Chinese coast. It is amazing, every part of the
ocean has it's distinctive color.


The Hong Kong Islands
The Hong Kong Islands. The first land after 4 hours, what a relieve.


hong kong
Approaching Hong Kong. The standard instrument arrival took us
right over the city into runway 25 left.

Im 1998 when Claudia and I visited Alice and Stephan in Hong Kong
this was the beach we visited to have a swim.

hong kong island
Hong Kong Island with the No.6 of the highest buildings of the
earth and the Hong Kong Convention Centre.

old airport
The old airport of Hong Kong. It will be developed into parks and
apartment buildings.

the little mooney
The little Mooney in company of some major business jets at the
Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre. Here we met Ernst and his pilot
friend who just delivered a brand new Gulfstream V to a local
business man.

all abaut goods
Hong Kong street impression 1. It's all about goods

hong kong
Hong Kong street impression2. It's all about food.

hong kong
Hong Kong street impression 3. It's all about people. Thank you all
in Hong Kong who made our stay such a pleasant experience.