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From Kolkata to Bagan in Myanmar, former Burma

Bagan is just 193 km south of Mandalay in Upper Myanmar accessible by boat, road and by air. From Yangon 682 km by land route. All domestic flights fly daily to and fro Bagan-Yangon. Since Bagan is a famous tourist site of Myanmar, it is well facilitated for accommodation and communication. There has variety of hotels like in Mandalay and Yangon.
Known as the city of four million pagodas, Bagan is one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia. Bagan city covers an area of 42 sq-km. Bagan was the capital of the first unified Empire of Anawrahta founded in 849 AD, and flourished from 1044 to the 13th century. According to the inventory of the Archeological Department, there are 2217 standing pagodas. It is on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. There, one can find over 2,000 pagodas, temples and monasteries built during the Bagan Dynasty. In spite of inclement weather of a thousand year, which had destroyed, the precious works of art, whatever survived to this day still thrill the beholders. Notable among the ancient glory are Shwezigone, Ananda, Thabyinnyu and Dhammayangyi.
After unifying the country, Anawrahta accomplished another noble deed for the country: he introduced Theravada Buddhism into Myanmar with the help of Shin Arahan, a missionary monk from Thaton. It was Buddhism that influenced the rulers of Bagan Dynasty to build innumerable pagodas and temples in and around the city. The endless pagodas stand testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the Myanmars and also to the beauty and grandeur of ancient pagoda.

From http://exoticmyanmar.com

Oct. 12, 2005 - Kolkata to Bagan
After we took of form Kolkata we crossed Bangladesh. The part we saw was mostly water as we just arrived after the Monsoon season.

Oct. 12, 2005 - Kolkata to Bagan
The Border between India and Myanmar lies in the Mountains. As the mountain climb the cloud layer climbs, forcing us to fly a higher level. Taking up contact Phnom Phen control was rather tricky. We had to ask airliners to relay. Finally we got in contact with Bagan control and could continue on our trip to Bagan.

Oct. 12, 2005 - Kolkata to Bagan
Shwe-san-daw Paya Stupa
Arriving in Bagan is breathtaking. Pagodes everywhere. This is the Shwe-san-daw Paya Stupa. It is a perfect setting to see the sunset.

Oct. 12, 2005 - Bagan
Welcoming party
An impressive welcoming party awaited us. All the men were directed by the lady from customs. A gentle speaking, extremely friendly and nice person who had an absolute clear opinion what is right.

Oct. 13, 2005 - Bagan
Sunrise over the temples
In the bar at the Thiripyitsaya Sakura Hotel, yes try to say this quickly tree times, I met a teacher of computer science of the international school in Hong Kong. He showed me his beautiful pictures of the sunrise over the temples. He took me there the next morning, it was breathtaking. This picture is taken 10 minutes before the sunrise.

Oct. 13, 2005 - Bagan
Rising sun
An the suddenly the sun was rising in a burst of light and color.

Oct. 13, 2005 - Bagan
Farmers have their land in the middle of this word heritage. This makes the setting absolutly unique.

Oct. 13, 2005 - Bagan
Monks are everywhere in Bagan. Male in burgundy color, female in pink color..

Oct. 13, 2005 - Bagan
Swe-zi-gon Pagoda
The Swe-zi-gon Pagoda, with its gold covered stupa is one of the most intact temples in Bagan.

Oct. 13, 2005 - Bagan
Public transportation.
Public transportation.

Oct. 13, 2005 - Bagan
Dhamma-ya-zi-ka Zedi Pagoda
A marvelous view to Bagan from one of the terraces of the Dhamma-ya-zi-ka Zedi Pagoda.