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Brunei to Manila

left brunei
We left Brunei for the ancient Kingdom of Saba, today the city Kota 
Kinambalu in Malaysia. Still on the island of Borneo we had to land 
there to refuel.

in Kota
The fuel had to be shipped on truck for two days to arrive in Kota to 
be filled into our plane. Many helpful hands made this refueling easy 
and convenient. Flight Service International does a great job, thank 
you Mutherem Özbel for all the patience with us.

Kota kinabalu
Kota Kinambalu is famous as a diving area.

32 degrees
At 32 degrees celsius one could imagine to take a swim down there.

the Philippines
The Philippines consist of 3000 islands.

New dwellings around Manila.

No idea what this is
No idea what this is.

manila international
Short final on Manila International, check out that perfect VASI.

Small fish and big fish
Small fish and big fish.

ground handling crew
Our ground handling crew who was managed by Sammy. Manila treated us  like Kings. Sammy did a great job.
Any of our wishes was answered  with: no problem.