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Med activities

Professional activities during the trip from Zurich to Sydney:


Professional activities during the trip from Sydney to Zurich:

In Hong Kong we visited Prof S.P. Chow and the Laboratories of the Hong Kong University and of Queen Mary hospital and gave a presentation on fracture treatment in porotic bone to AO alumni.The next day we visited the laboratories and the teaching center of the Chinese University where we participated in a series of lectures regarding the topic of osteoporosis specially fall prevention treatment and fracture stabilization. The meetings in Hong Kong were highly interesting, thank you S.P.Chow and P.C. Leung and Qin Ling. Hope to see you soon again.

Discussing new filler materials for support of porotic bone

Update on progress of superelastic shape memory alloy materials as used for treatment of scoliosis

Prof. S.P. Chow in front of the announcement of the spirit of davos event

Group picture at the alumni event in Hong Kong

After an intense seminar on prevention and treatment of fractures in porotic bone.
The pictures are often taken at the more leisurely part of the activity
as here with P.S. Leung and Qin Ling from the Chinese University at the Hong Kong Jockey Club


Med Activities in Japan

  • Monday: Okinawa: technical stop for refueling and rest
  • Tuesday: Arrival in Nagoya:and by Shinkansen to Kyoto to meet Prof. Sadami Tsutsumi director of Material Research. Exchange about the different running projects. One of the results of this discussion was the organization of a meeting between Prof. Tsutsumi and the biomechanical research group in Brisbane at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The topic will be computer modeling of bone healing. An area of research where Prof. Tsutsumi works with PC programs using parallel computing.
  • Wednesday: Meeting with Prof. Shideo Niva in Nogoya. The main topic of the discussion was fitness and senso motoric coordination. A topic which is important in preventing, reducing squeal of fall and improving the result of the internal stabilization of fractures in porotic bone. The latter is achieved by improving control of loading of stabilized fractures.
  • Thursday: Meeting with Prof. Moritoshi Itoman at Kitasato University Tokio. Visit of the clinic, the bone bank and the research laboratories. With Prof Ken Urabe the use of bone bank tendon was the topic of discussion, the indication and problems of the Clancey method, the autologous free graft and the bank graft of tendon with bone to bone insertion. Prof. Kouji Naruse M.D. Ph.D., the head of the research group, showed us his work on Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasonic Stimulation (LIPUS) of bone healing and treatment of delayed and non unions. The animal model used is the rat remur fracture. The possibilities and limitations of using this method together with implants was a topic of interest. It would certainly be interesting to compare the results of internal optimal internal fixation alone, internal fixation with growth factors and internal fixation with LIPUS. The internal fixator method for fractures or osteotomies in the mouse developed in the Research Institute and Development Institute of Davos would offer good standardization and extension of the study into knock out mice for studies of the molecular biology aspects of fracture healing, treatment and stimulation. In Tokyo we also met with Dr. Mat Yamage Ph.D. D.V.M. who had worked earlier on in the Davos Research Lab studying the immunological reaction of blood cells to metals. He since worked in Bern and at the NIH and for the projects of the government in Kenya.
  • Friday: By train to Kanazawa to meet Prof. Katsuro Tomita, the pioneer of removal of vertebral bodies in tumors cases. Here we also met with Prof. Takeshi Sawaguchi from Toyama. Prof. Sawaguchi is member of newly created ASWG group under the chairmanship of Prof. Michael Schütz. The goal of this group is to understand better and allow reaction to the specific needs of the Asia orthopedic and trauma world in respect to all aspects i.e. not only adapting the size of the implants. A first meeting of the group had been held in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. A meeting with local orthopaedic and trauma surgeons followed in Kanazawa. The topic of discussion and presentation was fracture fixation in osteoporotic bone. The different methods to improve anchorage of implants, the biomechanics of the interface and the measures to protect the interface from overload were discussed. The aspects of implant designs and materials in relation to excessive locking of implants at screw removal were discussed.
    All in all the meetings in Japan were highly interesting and revealed potential of collaboration. The meetings were in an excellent way organized by Mr. Nobuo Fujii the manager for AO relations of Synthes Japan. Thanks also to Mr. Kubota the head of Synthes Japan.


Mr. Sadami Tsutsumi, Dr. Eng.

Professor and Director Research Center for Nano Medical Engineering, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences University of Kyoto

(r):  Prof. Shigeo Niva M.D. Ph.D. Institute for Physical Fitness, Aichi Medical University, Nagoya
(m): Nicolas, Architect, Pilot and Photographer of Spirit-of-Davos

(l): Mr. Nobuo Fujii, AO Relations  Manager, Synthes Japan who organized our stay in superb manner.

Prof. Moritoshi Itoman
Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery Kitasato University Tokyo

Prof. Ken Urabe and Dr. Hiroaki Minehara from Kitasato University Orthop. Department.


With Dr. Kouji Naruse after discussing LIPUS

Dr. Mat Yamage a veterinarian and immunology scientist